Our Future Putney

The Our Future Putney Community Visit was a 3-month process that brought community members together to actively participate in examining issues,
decide top priorities and develop action plans for the future of the town.
The Vermont Council on Rural Development provides the overall structure and neutral facilitation each step of the way. 

Putney residents selected three priorities for future action, at this time two of those groups are currently active : Revitalize Putney's Downtown and Develop Housing Solutions

To join a taskforce - send an email to:
Revitalize Putney's Downtown
Lyssa Papazian lyssapapazian12@gmail.com 
Eric Bass eric@sandglasstheater.org
Develop Housing Solutions 
Ari Jackson ari@rootspropertymanagement.com 
Marcella Eversole marcellaeversole@gmail.com

Community Projects 2023
Develop Housing Solutions Putney had a meeting on December 12, 2023 at the Putney Community Center*
Click here to review the meeting agenda [updated 12.11.23]

In the autumn of 2023 the Downtown Business Revitalization Group (part of Revitalize Putney's Downtown)
invited the downtown village district to participate in the Putney Shines Project. The main goal was to light the downtown village district from Thanksgiving weekend (Craft Tour Weekend) through the winter months to make Putney more warming and welcoming through dark winter months. The project was a great success! [updated 06.25.24]
Click the link for full details on the 2023 Putney Shines Project!


The Our Future Putney Report is here!
Hard copies are available at Town Hall