Town Manager's Office


The Town of Putney operates under a five member Selectboard-Town Manager form of government, whereby the elected Selectboard serves as the Town’s chief elected legislative body; the Town Manager reports to the Selectboard and acts as the municipality’s chief administrative officer. Under this system of government, the Selectboard sets policy and the Town Manager implements policy and oversees the day-to-day operations of town government.  Karen Astley was appointed as Town Manager by the Selectboard, effective March 14, 2018.

Statutorily, Title 24 Chapter 37 of the Vermont Statutes, a Town Manager’s duties include general supervision of town government, administrative head of all departments; all duties not committed to another office; general purchasing agent; develops and administers annual operating and capital budgets, oversees finances, revenue and expenditure of all funds, appropriated for municipal purposes, oversees the collection of sewer and water payments; serves in all capacities not committed to another office, and serves as general purchasing agent.  

In Putney, the Town Manager also serves as the Finance Officer, Zoning Administrator, and Delinquent Tax Collector. The Town manager manages all town buildings; acts as the road commissioner;  oversees the fire department (including appointments, removals and salaries);  manages Town licenses (other than those issued by the town clerk); oversees the sewer and water system. The Town Manager also serves as the tax collector and delinquent tax collector.

Karen's background in the Public Administration sector began as an Administrative Assistant to the Town Manager in Westminster from 2013-2017 . Karen also worked as Administrative Assistant for two engineering firms (SVE Associates and Clough Harbour Associates) for nearly 15 years. Karen holds a Bachelor's Degree (2016) in Public Administration from Southern New Hampshire University. 

Since 1977 Putney has appointed eleven previous Town Managers. Former Town Managers include Stephen Fitch (1977-1979), John Bagge (1979-1987), David Hannum (1987-1992), Shane O'Keefe (1992-1996), Jim Mullen (1996-2003), Larry Hyde (2003-2004), Tom Guerino, Interim (2004-2005), Chris Ryan (2005-2012), Cynthia Stoddard (2012-2016), Willis Stearns, II, Interim (2016-2018).

Contact Information:The Manager's Office is located on the 1st floor of Town Hall.
Town Hall Office Hours: Monday - Thursday, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm
The Town Manager office is available to the community, town employees, 
committee and board members, and the Selectboard to meet and discuss any 
idea, issue or concern. Time is also available outside of Town Hall hours by appointment including Friday.