The Zoning Office is responsible for administering the permitting process including assisting the public with obtaining and filling out applications and answering any questions an applicant may have to complete the process. If a property owner is planning any land development you should contact the office to ask if a permit is required. Plan ahead as the permitting process can take up to several months for large projects. 

Zoning Bylaws, Subdivision Regulations, and Flood Hazard Zoning Bylaws are implemented and enforced in Putney. Our office does work with the Planning Commission and Development Review Board to ensure compliance of State regulations as well as municipal. The Zoning Bylaws and Application can be downloaded by clicking on the links below.


  • Permits for new construction, additions, change of use, subdivisions and signs
  • Assistance with completing applications
  • Information on properties and permit status
  • Flood Hazard Information
  • Contact information for State agencies
  • Information about the Planning Commission and the Developmental Review Board
  • Permits for Commercial Projects
Town Maps